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UPDATE June 2015: The time it takes to update in the old format does not work with my current life schedule.  I  am moving to a simple book review format.  Hope it works better for all of us!

This review started as a requirement for a young adult services course but I enjoyed the books so much (more than the “adult” literature I’ve been reading) that I’ve continued the blog so I can remember what I liked and didn’t like about the books as I embark on my new career. Most of the titles are from the library or are from my own collection. Therefore, the format is a carry-over from the class assignment….

How I’ve arranged the reviews

Each review follows the same pattern.

  1. Book title and author’s name appear first.
  2. Place of publication, publisher, date, number of pages are included with the book title and author’s name.
  3. An evaluative annotation occurs in the first paragraph.
  4. My reactions to the book are included in the second (and sometimes third) paragraph(s).
  5. I use VOYA’s Popularity & Quality (P & Q) rating system.  The P & Q ratings are bolded and follow my reactions; definitions of the system follow here.
  6. The recommended age of the teen reader is included on the line with the P & Q  ratings.  I have worked in a school library for years and chose to recommend grade levels rather than ages since I’m more familiar with recommending books to teachers by average reading ability for specific grade levels, not ages.
  7. Comments on the cover art immediately follow the P & Q ratings.
  8. Tags include the reading list names from which I selected each title.

VOYA’s Book Review Codes

“P” for Popularity

  • 5P: Every YA (who reads) was dying to read it yesterday
  • 4P: Broad general or genre YA appeal
  • 3P: Will appeal with pushing
  • 2P: For the YA reader with a special interest in the subject
  • 1P: No teen will read unless forced to for assignments

“Q” for Quality

  • 5Q: Hard to imagine it being better written
  • 4Q: Better than most, marred by occasional lapses
  • 3Q: Readable, without serious defects
  • 2Q: Better editing or work by the author might have warranted a 3Q
  • 1Q: Hard to understand how it got published, except in relation to its P rating (and not even then sometimes)

Your Comments…

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