Why the blog?  Well, initially it was for an MLIS  course assignment so many years ago.  Then I found myself addicted to YA books, so I continued reading.  Even though I’m a children’s services librarian, I find tweens need referrals to good books as they move to the teen department; I am the teen volunteer coordinator, so I want to talk to them about what they’re reading; and I found other adults love the YA titles like me, so I co-founded a book discussion group for adults who read teen/YA.

Update June 2015: It’s been a long time since I’ve updated partly because the format I’ve been using takes so much time to update that I simply gave up.  So now I will be reviewing books in a much simpler format.  Hope it works for all of us!


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  • Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Oct 19, 2017)
    What Am I? You have no control over me, I am not real, though sometimes you believe me, I come back every night, but am often forgotten, Though left alone, I will never become rotten, Sometimes I remind you of things yet to come, Sometimes, watching me, you do things you've never done, I rarely ever turn out to be true, Now I am done with this riddle fo […]
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