Why the blog?  Well, initially it was for an MLIS  course assignment so many years ago.  Then I found myself addicted to YA books, so I continued reading.  Even though I’m a children’s services librarian, I find tweens need referrals to good books as they move to the teen department; I am the teen volunteer coordinator, so I want to talk to them about what they’re reading; and I found other adults love the YA titles like me, so I co-founded a book discussion group for adults who read teen/YA.

Update June 2015: It’s been a long time since I’ve updated partly because the format I’ve been using takes so much time to update that I simply gave up.  So now I will be reviewing books in a much simpler format.  Hope it works for all of us!


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  • Today's Daily Brain Teaser (Feb 21, 2018)
    One Hundred People at a Party Exactly one hundred people were at a party. Each either always tells the truth or always lies. After the party, one of the one hundred people said, "I shook hands with exactly one truthteller at the party." Another person says, "I shook hands with two truthtellers," and a third says, "I shook hands with […]
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