The Daughters Take the Stage puts Hudson in spotlight

The Daughters Take the Stage by Joanna Philbin; published by Poppy, an imprint of Little, Brown and Company, New York, 2011; 273 pages.

The third installment in The Daughters series finds Hudson struck with stage fright.  Her wildly famous pop star mother has taken control of Hudson’s music career before it has even started.  Lost in her mother’s shadow, Hudson freezes at her first performance and decides to quit music.  But a chance encounter with a high school jazz trio reignites her fundamental love of music.  With the advice of her new life coach and the support of her friends (Lizzie and Carina, who were the focus of the first two books in the series), Hudson finds her own way to shine.

I had a harder time getting into Hudson’s story but found it enjoyable nonetheless.  Philbin has developed a winning formula in writing her series which is made obvious by the fact that it’s hard to get a copy of any of the books from the library shelves.  For reluctant readers, and for middle school girls, the formulaic stories create a comfy read to slip into while taking a break from school work.

Now that the three friends have all explored their stories, I wondered whether the author would revisit each girl to continue the series.  But I discovered that a new book was released just a few days ago.  In The Daughters Join the Party, the trio becomes a quartet.  I’m sure I’ll be on the waitlist for this one for awhile, but I’ll take a peek and let you know about the newest member of The Daughters.  Information about the series can be found at the publishers website:

5P     3Q     Grade Level: 6-9

Cover Art: The trio of friends are still real images superimposed on a line-art setting and it makes the franchise immediately recognizable.


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