Back to school poll results

September’s back-school-poll is now closed.  I was surprised by the results, how about you?  With well over 500 votes, there was no clear-cut winner.  In fact, playing with the numbers could yield a victory for school-lovers!

Officially, the winner is “Do you have to remind me?!?” with 215 votes, or 41.35% (it’s the dark green wedge).  Hold on, though!  Look at the two blue wedges.  Light blue is “Hooray!” with 212 votes (40.77%) and dark blue is “Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but summer was boring and I like school” at 69 votes (13.27%).  Combine the two and at over 54%, there is a clear winner.  You are glad to be back at school, whether you admit it or not!  Maybe I’ll ask again in February. 😉


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