Lia and Alice come full Circle of Fire

Circle of Fire (Book 3, Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy) by Michelle Zink; published by Little, Brown & Co., New York, 2011; 359 pages.

Samael is getting stronger as Lia’s adder stone grows cooler.  Lia Milthorpe must find the last key, as well as the location for the ceremony, to close the Gate which will keep Samael and his evil troops from taking over our world.  She must also reconcile with Sonia, one of the three keys already traveling with her.  With Dimitri’s help, and the help of so many other loyal friends, nothing seems impossible.  Well, almost nothing.  Even with all these things in place, Lia must convince her twin, Alice, to join her, or the Gate may not close.

The final book in this trilogy did not let me down.  So often I feel like the concluding books rush through the resolution, or gloss over issues that I found important.  In the case of the last book in the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy, I was satisfied with the characters’ choices, the resolutions of conflicts, and the storytelling in general.  Michelle Zink capped off her trilogy with a book as strong as the previous pair.

As in the previous two installments, little touches inside help the reader feel the setting of the book.  The

5P     4Q     Grade Level: 9+

Cover art: The use of the same model that graced the cover of the previous books, this time alone and looking stronger and more determined, helps not only tie this book to the series but also hints at the resolution inside.  The vine pattern continues across the bottom of each page and a companion wreath encircles the chapter numbers.  The jorgamond appears as a necklace on the cover…many fans will want to know where to buy one!

From Reading List: The Way It Could Be (Science Fiction or Fantasy)


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