Forever is full of hope, faith, and loss

Forever (Book 3, Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy) by Maggie Stiefvater; published by Scholastic, New York, 2011; 390 pages.

So much has happened to Sam and Grace in such a short time.  In preceding books, Sam has been “cured” of turning into a wolf when the temperature drops, but Grace’s “curse” from childhood has her turning into a wolf.  With Beck now gone, Isabel and Cole are all Sam and Grace have.  Together, they need to find a way to make forever happen.  Forever a girl and a boy.  Forever a life together.  But Isabel’s father has other plans for the wolves of Mercy Falls.  Can they find a forever solution before it’s too late?  Will they find a promise of a future beyond what they’ve vowed to each other?

I was hooked on this series with book one.  The spare but powerful voice of Maggie Stiefvater paints vivid images without melodrama or extraneous distractions.  Every character, every encounter and every word carries the story to the conclusion.  Is this conclusion fans had hoped for?  Read it and judge for yourself.  For me, there could be no other ending.  Life offers no promises, no crystal ball to the future.

Like the preceding two books, the cover art and the color of the type help tell the story.  This time the color is red.  Is it blood as in death or blood as in cure?  Is it red for love or anger?  Is it all of these and more?  All of these may be correct.  Infrequently, a book stays with me long after I’ve finished reading.  This is added to that short list.

5p     5Q     Grade Level: 9-12+

Cover art: As with the first two books, the silhouette images of a wolf and human (this time male) are hidden in the woods.  Fans of the series will recognize this immediately.  As with the other two books, the color of the cover image is carried in the color of the type.

From Reading List: The Way It Could Be (Science Fiction or Fantasy)


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