How to pronounce all these names!!!

Well, I just started Peter Sis’ The Wall and it got me thinking about pronouncing authors’ names in story times.  The first challenge I faced was the inimitable (and there’s probably a reason for that…) Jon Scieszka.  Even Peter Sis was a tongue tripper for some of the parent guest readers (no, he is not a girl related to your brother nor is he something you utter under your breath like “sheesh”…).  So I wondered if there’s a website dedicated to pronouncing the more difficult author names.  I still don’t know if there’s a more comprehensive one, but this page from the Horn Book’s archives left me in stitches.  Have I mentioned recently that Jon Scieszka is my kind of crazy? 😉  Who else but he and I have younger brothers with the nickname “Chuff”?


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